Intelligent Field Training Software For Police Departments

Intelligent Field Training Software For Police Departments

by Micah James — 2 weeks ago in Security 4 min. read

Police departments are increasingly turning to technology in their fight against crime and protection of officers. From using drones to track criminal activity to using apps like Crimology which predict where crimes will happen next, law enforcement agencies are using tech solutions more than ever before in their work.

Law enforcement Intelligent Field Training Software is one such technological solution, helping FTOs save time with less paperwork and streamline field training documentation in one centralized solution.

Streamlined Documentation

At a time of increased scrutiny of police tactics, it is crucial for departments to document all training activities. Unfortunately, outdated processes can lead to inefficient paperwork and no accountability, increasing risk and liability issues that compromise officer and community safety.

Law enforcement agencies that adopt digital field training systems can utilize them to streamline and automate their documentation, saving both time and reducing subjectivity in training programs. Furthermore, this software can assist agencies in identifying potential areas for improvement to help support effective, impartial police officers.

An online FTO system enables police departments to track and record field training assignments, evaluations, and assessments in one convenient place. Furthermore, police trainers can quickly view trainee progress while assigning tasks immediately – this software can help strengthen policing practices and establish legitimacy with Communities.

Trackwire is an FTO software solution designed to assist law enforcement agencies with tracking and recording field training activities in one centralized location, eliminating paper documents for FTOs and streamlining the training process, making it more cost-efficient for agencies with limited resources. Additionally, this solution offers bundle pricing on additional products to make starting an integrated system simpler for police departments.

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Automated Workflows

Implement a more streamlined field training program at your agency by centralizing documentation and streamlining performance evaluations. Access documents from any device with ease thanks to FTO software’s access reports with photo capture for quick review, signature capture, multiple levels of approvals with multiple levels of eSignature approvals, advanced analytics to drive program improvements and better prepare recruits for roles within the agency.

Automating workflows can not only streamline documentation but also save your agency both time and money. Traditional paperwork is costly to track and mistakes are costly to your officers as well as to your agency. Automation saves both officers’ lives as well as that of their agency by automating this aspect of operations.

Many agencies rely on computer-aided dispatch systems to effectively send and track first responders, prioritize calls, keep records of calls, and more. By adding field training software into their existing CAD system, agencies can automate and improve these workflows even further.

Your police department can utilize voice command technology in patrol cars to report into and out of the shift, run plates, turn on sirens, and so forth, all by voice command. This enables officers to focus more of their attention on the task at hand and reduces errors that could put themselves or civilians at risk. Furthermore, such efficiency reduces wait times for non-emergency callers and increases accountability and reporting accuracy.

Increased Accountability

Law enforcement agencies face increased demands to do more with less. To be efficient and meet those goals, law enforcement agencies need to rethink how they approach field training and employee compliance to enhance accountability while decreasing liability risk. New automated systems streamline internal processes while stretching training budgets further through notifications, analytical tools, summary reports, and archived record retrieval.

Software solutions like Trackwire allow officers to submit observations and field training evaluations in one convenient place, saving both time and paper, while increasing accountability to supervisory personnel. In addition, these systems help ensure officers follow policies and procedures while providing valuable data insights for managers who wish to optimize the FTEP process for improved results.

FTO systems also enable managers to use real-time data analytics to better respond to calls for service, including providing information such as how many units and vehicles will be needed in an area at any given time and type. This enables police administrators to allocate the appropriate resources at just the right moment and avoid unnecessary delays when responding to emergencies.

Adaptive FTOs are one of the latest innovations that are helping police departments respond more effectively to crime and other public safety issues in today’s digital era. These systems use technologies like natural language processing to translate 911 calls in languages other than English as well as provide precincts with actionable intelligence that allows them to more efficiently address even complex Challenges.

Reduced Liability

A great police field training software offers a secure method for electronically storing results of assessments/evaluations and training records, reducing the chance that documents get misplaced or lost, and giving an accurate picture of officer development and progress. Furthermore, such a system can document individual officer achievements/achievement areas allowing opportunities for continuous improvement to emerge.

Police departments employ software solutions like crime mapping to improve investigation processes and other cases. By helping law enforcement identify and track criminal patterns more efficiently, such data can help decrease recurrence rates while improving resource allocation.

An additional key benefit of this technology is helping officers more accurately assess and make more informed decisions when faced with situations they encounter, such as an active shooter situation or car chase. Software such as this teaches officers how to recognize and respond accordingly in a range of scenarios like an active shooter situation or car chase. Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office uses virtual reality training (VR) so new recruits can experience real-life scenarios in an environment safe enough for their training needs.

Software such as this can also assist officers in becoming proficient with new tools and technologies such as thermal imaging cameras, which have become popularized through TV crime shows and can detect infrared heat emitted by people and objects to create a “heat map” of an area – making this device invaluable in low light conditions when searching for suspects or victims and even aiding search and rescue missions.

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