Here Are The 10 Best AI Tools For Website Building In 2023

Here Are The 10 Best AI Tools For Website Building In 2023

by Evelyn Addison — 2 months ago in Artificial Intelligence 12 min. read

Your business website is essential to capture the market, face competition and observe growth. However, building a website from scratch is never too easy for many of those who don’t possess the technical expertise. So, what to do? You seek third-party assistance or someone’s help who specialises in handling this task. But have you ever wondered about the simplest way to do it yourself?

Although, if you are a neophyte using online tools and designing, it is a viable suggestion to take the assistance of an expert website designing agency.

However, if you want to do it yourself, here in this article, we’ll discuss the 10 most wonderful AI tools you can easily use to create an actionable and interactive website within some time. And the best part is you won’t require technical guidance and expertise.

How Does AI Help in Building Website?

Website creation with the help of website builders is straightforward and effortless, even for beginners. However, the prenotion templates and designs don’t always convey your imagination. Thanks to the next-gen advanced tools and techniques that can help us design our website using the website builders powered by Artificial Intelligence or AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest buzzword; it can understand your demands, expectations and imaginations and provide results within a few minutes or seconds. AI generator is loaded with numerous features and can automate every page of your website and allows you to make any precise changes like fonts, colour scheme, placements etc.

So even if you don’t have the basic knowledge of coding, designing and content creation, you can still have a creative and functional website ready within a go.

What are The Best AI Tools for Website Building?

Having an association with a professional website designing agency can ease your task of website building to a greater extent. Nevertheless, the advent of AI has empowered users outstandingly.

There are various website builders available in the market that claims to be powered by AI applications. However, many website builders use different modes and might not provide the results you expect. So here we have listed the 10 best AI Tools you can trust and use to build your own fantastic website within no time.

1. Wix ADI Website Builder

Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is an AI-powered robust website-building tool. It is the initial adopter of Artificial Intelligence and tops the list of most expert developers and trusted blogging websites.

In addition to the Wix Editor X, Wix hosting has an effective AI-driven variant Wix ADI that comes up with multiple features and options. Wix ADI provides high-end website design to meet your needs within a few minutes. It offers an innovative, smart layout that enables you to create a visually appealing website.

Once you land on the Wix platform, you got to answer a few simple questions related to your expectations, business requirements, functions and the features you need to add to your website. There are six layouts templates present that you must check and select as needed, and then you can choose any one homepage design from the three options.

Its AI assistant will then process your request and produce the first draft.

The innovative AI assistance, backed by the core features of Wix, offers you fast results within no time. Once you convey what you are looking for, you leave it to Wix Smart AI to customise a fresh website with content per your business needs. You can later make the changes and corrections as per your will using the Editor.

1. Wix ADI Website Builder


  • Easy to use, provides rapid results
  • It uses impressive AI assistance to generate a functional website
  • Driven by the Wix robust ecosystem to deliver a mature outcome


  • Limited options to customise the website design
  • Uses generic logo designs
  • It doesn’t offer desired results for complex websites

Wix ADI Pricing

Wix ADI provides a free version to build a website. However, you must purchase the premium version to get the custom domain. The Wix Combo pricing for Australian customers is $15 per month, and Wix Pro “best value” Plan costs $30 per month. There are various other plans available that can be checked on the official Wix website.

2. Bookmark AiDA

Bookmark AiDA is an intelligent website creation tool that optimises the website while enriching users’ experience. It uses patented machine learning algorithms to create featured e-commerce sites or creative blogging websites. With the Bookmark AiDA smart AI assistance, you can meet most of your business website objectives within a few minutes.

The Bookmark AiDA offers a wide range of AI tools such as content creator, content organiser, translator and optimiser. It also provides a built-in SEO tool and analytics for driving traffic to the site. Bookmark offers unlimited cloud storage space and bandwidth to ensure high performance and a high-end website.

The powerful Bookmark AiDA integrates with your social media accounts and various third-party platforms to scan your business, targeted audience and objectives and provides suggestions and recommendations based on the same.

Bookmark AiDA


  • Uses robust machine learning algorithms and smart Artificial Intelligence for building a high-end website
  • Offer multi-user collaboration to enable multiple users to manage the website
  • Provides regular recommendations based on your business goals to enrich the user experience


  • ● Some users who don’t have coding experience may find the interface confusing
  • ● It could be a pricy option for small business owners

Bookmark AiDA Pricing

Bookmark AiDA provides a free trial version for beginners. However, to use the robust Artificial Intelligence of this platform at its full potential, you would require to pay $29.9 per month in the Australian region.

3. Hostinger AI Website Builder

Hostinger AI provides an integrated solution for users to build and customise their site from scratch. All you require to do is to fill out a detailed form containing questions related to your business, objectives, and what functions and features you ought to see on the website. Hostinger AI will scan the details provided and create a high-end website within the span of a minute.

Hostinger AI uses advanced technological solutions to build a brand-new website for you. It also uses high-tech AI-based software and third-party solutions such as ChatGPT to create catchy content, colour combinations, design, fonts etc., for your website.

Hostinger AI is the best solution for those who don’t seek a website designing agency to develop their sophisticated website design. It provides a drag-and-drop website creation option for ease of use. You can select from the prenotion layouts and in-built SEO tools to develop a responsive website quickly.

Hostinger AI Website Builder


  • The affordable price range for every category of users
  • Advanced AI-driven tools for producing the quick and precise outcomes
  • Automatic backups and unlimited SSL certificates for the high-security zone
  • Innovative AI solutions for developing visually appealing websites with SEO-optimized content


  • No free trial or versions are available for the users
  • It doesn’t allow editing by multiple users at the same time

Hostinger AI Website Builder Pricing

Hostinger offers free demos to users. The paid version is divided into different categories. The Hostinger AI Premium price is fixed at the affordable rate of $2.99 per month for users across the globe.

4. Framer AI

The following best AI-driven website-building tool on our list is Framer AI. The Framer AI uses single-text prompts to develop an interactive and responsive website. All you require is to fill in some details, and it will create the website as you desire.

The built-in CMS of Framer offers an array of benefits to the users. You can develop unique website content and professional landing pages using robust AI assistance within no time. The built-in AI-driven technology uses the text prompt to derive your website’s SEO-optimized images and copywriting content.

Framer AI also uses the no-code visual builder to edit and customise your website easily. The simplified interface and intuitive layout of Framer make it the first choice for users who don’t have coding knowledge.

It also helps in easy migration with the other hosting platforms and can integrate directly with YouTube, SoundCloud, Eventbrite etc., for seamless performance.

Framer AI


  • Let you create AI-generated, optimised content on the fly for your website
  • Provides many marketing tools and analytics for optimising the content and increasing the website’s value
  • Provides an intuitive interface for seamless understanding


  • Limited customisation options that don’t suit the advanced website creation
  • It may require multiple edits on AI-generated results

Framer AI Pricing

Framer offers users the free version with limited features to start their website creation journey. The paid versions are categorised under different heads, such as Mini, Basic and Pro. To get the Framer AI Pro version, you are required to invest $30 per month.

5. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an amazingly fast AI-driven website builder that works on the OpenAI Codex to generate programming codes. GitHub is straightforward, and you can write bespoke codes using the language prompt. It is an excellent tool for those who want to unleash their creativity in just a few clicks.

GitHub is functional on any platform, including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and can provide quick results as needed. It uses machine learning technology. It gives recommendations based on the comments, conversation and context you provide. Once you have the codes ready, decide on the editing, and you’re done with your freshly made visually appealing website.

GitHub Copilot uses the logic and system prompt for coding. It also provides the extension to embed in any of your code editors like Visual Studio, Neovim, JetBrains IDEs etc. As the name suggests, GitHub works as your co-pilot and assists you in generating the code strings as per the given repositories.

GitHub Copilot


  • Works on logic and can generate entire lines of functions or codes based on analysis function names you used
  • Provides ease of use and sharing code snippets amongst developers
  • Eliminates the burden of keeping professionals in every channel


  • Lacks accuracy in suggestions that lead to code vulnerabilities and errors
  • Require extra cautiousness while using the code generated by Copilot AI

GitHub Copilot Pricing

GitHub Copilot is accessible to some extent for verified users like students, teachers, professors etc. The Individual Plan of GitHub is set to $10 per month or $100 per year, and the Business Plan will cost $19 per month.

6. 10Web AI Website Builder

It’s an AI website builder with WordPress integration, utilizing powerful AI algorithms to generate a variety of valuable code. With 10Web, you can create a website design or replicate a site in simple steps. It is a WordPress-backed, power-packed website builder that leverages robust AI programming to produce various valuable codes.

10Web hosting platform offers features like 1-click Migration, AI Builder, BuddyBoss Hosting, AI Assistant and many more to generate unique content for your website and import the pre-written content from your existing website on demand.

10Web allows you to use and convert your existing webpage content to WordPress templates. The AI assistant of 10Web can easily comprehend your website’s initial design to produce the new pages in your existing website. Otherwise, you can develop an entirely new website using the 10Web 50-plus distinct templates and widgets.

10Web AI Website Builder


  • Effortless content creation and modification with user-friendly Elementor-based website page builder
  • Allows endless possibilities for website designing and building of WordPress platform for easy integration
  • Remarkable customer support in the form of a chatbot and direct communication option with 10Web developers and designers


  • Inconvenient at times due to manual updates for website and plugins
  • Inaccurate image generation by AI that doesn’t match your website objectives

10Web Pricing

The 10Web hosting provides a free trial and a free version with limited features to the users. The Personal Plan paid version with unlimited features and functions is $14 monthly for Australian users.

7. Uizard AI

Uizard is another AI-powered design tool that is best for developing prototypes, wireframes and mockups. It uses text prompts to generate the UI designs. Uizard offers a collaborative solution for developing the website, mobile apps, desktop software and web apps. The intuitive platform makes the entire process of development very clean and quick.

Uizard AI can generate visually appealing websites in a few minutes using rapid deep-learning algorithms. You can upload the themes, pictures, screenshots or hand-drawn sketches, and it will convert them into wireframes to develop an editable website.

Uizard is an intelligent tool that offers multiple features to users, including real-time collaboration. You can share the website prototype with multiple users or your design team to make real-time edits and changes.

Uizard AI


  • The intuitive interface makes it easy to use this platform, even for the beginners
  • The templates like pre-made login design set your initial designing work faster


  • Difficult to find and use some functions and features that make the process complex to some extent
  • It is very difficult and time taking to edit the text inside control panels

Uizard AI Pricing

Wizard is a free platform and is the best choice for small or individual websites. However, you must opt for the paid version for more than three website creations. Uizard Pro costs $12 per month, and Uizard Business Plan costs $39 per month.

8. Jimdo Dolphin

Jimdo Dolphin is a famous AI-supported website-building tool that uses smart Artificial Intelligence technology to leverage the best-designed output. Jimdo helps users to develop a functional, multi-page website within a few minutes. It is a great website creation platform for those with little to no coding knowledge.

Jimdo uses the technique of user information to generate the codes. You must fill in details about your business, objectives, goals, purpose, colour scheme etc. Then Jimdo’s power-packed AI will scan your response, and based on that, it will provide you with various template options to select from.

With Jimdo Dolphin, all you need to do is select the best suitable template to begin customising your freshly made website. The in-built SEO tools and analytics of Jimdo also help your website attain Google ranking and increased traffic.

Jimdo Dolphin


  • Offers free Plan with most of the basic features like contact forms, mobile optimisation, and site creation with upto 5 web pages
  • Generous bandwidth limit of upto 2 GB, enough for a small to medium-scale business
  • Powerful AI support to develop a highly intuitive and automated web design


  • Lack of integration of advanced techniques and SEO tools
  • It doesn’t provide text and image generators

Jimdo Dolphin Pricing

Jimdo offers a free version for its users. However, you can purchase their monthly Plan to avail the benefits of all the features. The website creation Start Plan costs $9 per month. For the Growth Plan, you need to pay $15 per month.

9. Hocoos

Another AI-driven website builder in our list is Hocoos. It is a robust AI-supported website creating a tool to design your website within a few minutes. All you are required to do is to answer some of your business-focused questions, and within no time, the AI of Hocoos will generate the visual content copy of your website.

Hocoos is a well-known AI-driven website builder offering various features such as contact forms, online stores, booking systems, blogs, etc. The in-built marketing toolkit of Hocoos also allows users to generate email campaigns.

Hence, now you don’t need to hire a website designing agency. Instead, you can develop a visually appealing website within minutes by simply answering 8 different questions related to your business perspective. The agile AI of Hocoos can design the text and images per the colour and font scheme selected by you. Once the design is ready, you can edit it as your choice.



  • Intuitive interface for ease of use
  • Several choices available in template designs
  • Accessible online from anywhere


  • Offers minimal customisation for advanced website creation
  • It doesn’t allow to customise the subdomain

Hocoos Pricing

Hocoos offer a free version to users with limited features. To unlock all the features of Hocoos, you need to buy the paid Premium Plan, which costs $15 per month.

10. Durable AI

Durable is a highly trusted AI-based website builder mainly used by enterprises to build a business website quickly and seamlessly. It helps advanced website designers make a practical website by answering two questions. This innovative AI-supported tool also assists you in creating SEO-friendly content and provides image optimisation within minutes.

With Durable AI, you can develop social media buttons, contact forms, and other tailored elements. It also provides business-focused tools like CRM and invoicing for better management. With its free AI ad writer service and business name generator tools, you can work on the desired content for your website.

Durable uses machine learning algorithms to create a professional-looking website in one go that you can customise as per your requirements effortlessly. Therefore now you can rest the tedious task of optimising, coding and designing on Durable and eliminate hiring an extra workforce in your company.

Durable AI


  • Provides a range of tools, such as CRM, invoice, SEO, analytics etc., to design and manage the website
  • It allows users to build a professional website with advanced features
  • The platform also offers multiple tailored-made features such as images, AI-generated content and domain name


  • The advanced designers may observe limited customisation facilities in templates
  • It d
  • doesn’t always provide unique AI-generated content and images that may lead to plagiarism

Durable Pricing

Durable provides 30 days free trial to the users. You must purchase the Premium Plan at $12 monthly to benefit from all the features and functions.


Website development and designing is not a troublesome task these days. The advent of AI has transformed the entire spectrum of website building and reduced the amount of effort and every manner. With the help of highly convenient and conversant AI-operated website builders, the website designing process has become very smooth, even if you are not acquainted with coding and designing.

However, it is to be noted that the website built through machine learning technology may not provide the desired outcome in one go, and you may still require various edits and changes as per requirements. This is the reason why you must contact a professional website designing agency to build a sophisticated website with advanced settings.

Nevertheless, AI has eased the stress level to a greater extent, and if used mindfully, it can provide promising results in the form of a highly functional and responsive website.

Evelyn Addison

Evelyn is an assistant editor for The Next Tech and Just finished her master’s in modern East Asian Studies and plans to continue with her old hobby that is computer science.

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